Technical trainings

Technical trainings aim to give the participants practical knowledge for the usage of the products when it comes to the installation, configuration and a possible troubleshooting. Technical trainings are offered in the following characteristics:

Sales Trainings

Sales trainings give our Channel Partners an overview of the solution portfolio of the respective manufacturer, provides details on the licensing of the products and equip them with effective sales arguments. Depending on the requirements these trainings also cover only a certain product area.


The workshops refer to trainings especially tailored for specific security topics. The security products of the manufacturers are put in a larger context, the workshop content however will focus on a certain application area. The goal of the workshop is to provide the product use in a general context so that nothing will stand in the way of a successful integration of the products. Workshops are usually carried out with high practical relevance and mostly as a classroom-training. Usually no certification is made.


Webinars are short trainings with a special subearea of a manufacturers products. This kind of training has the aim to provide a certain subarea, possibly also special changes of an IT-security solution within a short time range. Normally webinars are offered as virtual trainings.

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If there is an interest in trainings which are not part of the Infinigate training offer, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are happy to discuss the various possibilities of holding individual training courses and workshops tailored specifically to your needs.